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Text Capitalization


Check how words are capitalized in various contexts, such as page titles, headings, or table headers.

Configuration options:

Capitalization format

What kind of of capitalization style should be used?

  • Sentence case: Only words at the start of a sentence and proper nouns will be capitalized.

  • Title case (AP Stylebook): Title casing based on the Associated Press Stylebook

  • Title case (Chicago Manual of Style): Title casing based on the Chicago Manual of Style

Defaults to: Title case (AP Stylebook)

Target element(s)

Which elements on the page should this capitalization be applied to?

  • Headings: All headings on a page, regardless of the heading level. To only use this for certain heading levels, use one or multiple of:

    • Heading 1

    • Heading 2

    • Heading 3

    • Heading 4

    • Heading 5

    • Heading 6

  • Paragraph: All normal paragraphs on the page.

  • Hyperlinks: All hyperlinks on the page, both external and internal links.

  • Quotes: All "Quote" paragraphs on the page

  • Tables: Any text within a table on the page.

  • Table Header: Only header text of tables on the page.

  • Table Body: Only body text of headers on the page.

  • Page Title: Only the title of the page.

  • Any: Any text, anywhere on the page, including all of the elements listed above.

It is possible to select multiple values for this setting using the picker. Click the “x” next to a value to remove it from the list.

Defaults to: Any

Advanced Mode Example

# Report on incorrect capitalization in a specific element.

rule: text-capitalization
level: minor
style: title          
  - heading1
  - heading2
description: Use title case in H1 and H2
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