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Applying Captions to Tables and Figures

You can use a Scroll macro to apply captions to your tables and figures. Therefore you have to insert the macro before inserting a table or figure.

To apply a caption:

  1. Click on the position you want to add your table or figure.
  2. Enter {scroll title and press Enter.
    The screen Insert 'Scroll Title' Macro is displayed.
  3. Enter the caption for your table or figure in the Title field and click Insert.
    The macro is inserted in your Confluence page.
    (info) If you don't enter a title or don't use the macro, per default, Confluence takes the filename, including the file extension, as caption. For example test_image.png. Therefore it is important to use the {Scroll-title}-macro.
  4. Click inside the white field of the inserted macro.
  5. Click Table and select the size of your table to insert a table, or click Insert > Image and select your image to insert a image.
  6. Click Save.

The image or table is automatically named with the caption entered in step three.

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