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Why do my exported pages have other heading levels then the Confluence page?


Why do my exported pages have other heading levels then the corresponding Confluence page?


This has to do with the algorithm our exporter uses to generate the headings. To guarantee a proper structure in the exported document, the heading levels are sometimes changed. For more information please have a look at the page How Scroll Handles Headings. Per default single first headings are merged with the page title. To change this you have to open your Export Scheme, click the Content Processing section and deactivate the option Merge single, first heading and page title.

The checkbox Merge Single, first heading and page title will merge the first heading of the page with the page title if

  • the page does not have another exported h1 heading or
  • the page does not have any child pages

as we've implemented an algorithm to have a proper structure in the exports.

For example, the structure:

- Page title 1
- <h1> Heading 1</h1>
- Page title 2
- <h1>Heading 1</h1>
- Child page 1
- Child page 2


Page title 1 (Document Title)
1. Heading 1
2. Page title 2
2.1 Heading 1
2.2 Child page 1
2.3 Child page 2

but not:

1. Heading 1
2. Heading 1
2.1 Child page 1
2.2 Child page 2

if you want to have the second result you should use the Scroll Title Macro to overwrite the page title in the export.

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