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How do I get rid of extra empty pages in exports?


My exports include unwanted blank pages after the title page. Why is this, and how can I get rid of them?


This problem is caused when the overall size of the defined elements on the title page (page padding, margin and content elements) is larger than the page's width/height. This can cause the exporter to insert extra blank pages so that all the elements can be included.

To solve the issue, reduce the total width/height of the title page's elements, padding, and margin so that it is smaller than the total page dimensions.

By default, the following page elements add height to the title page's total contents:

  • banner-top
  • titlepage-content
  • space-name
  • export-title
  • exportinfo
  • banner-bottom

You can edit all these values using the template editor – the margin and padding can be changed at Page Layouts, and the individual elements can be resized on the Content Formatting tab.

Page dimensions

 Dimensions in mm (W x H)
A5148 × 210
A4210 × 296
A3297 × 420
B5176 × 250
B4250 × 353
letter216 × 279
legal216 × 356
ledger279 × 432
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