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Overwriting Confluence Page Title

It is possible to override the Confluence page title. This could be important, because page titles are limited in Confluence, they have to be unique within a space. With the {Scroll-pagetitle}-macro its possible to freely define a page title, which is exported by Scroll instead of the actual page title. The {Scroll-pagetitle}-macro can be used to replace the Confluence page title during export.


If you want to have duplicate page titles in your Confluence system, please have a look at our content-management add-on Scroll Versions.

 To overwrite the page title:

  1. Open the page you want to overwrite the page title and click Edit.
    The page is displayed in the Edit-Mode.
  2. Click on the position you want to insert the macro, enter '{scroll pagetitle' and press Enter.
    The macro is inserted in the Confluence page.
  3. Enter the page title you want to have displayed in your exports.

If you export the page, the page title will be overwritten with the defined page title in the macro.

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