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Applying Captions to Tables and Figures

To follow this guide, you must first install the Scroll Exporter Extensions app

You must install the Scroll Exporter Extensions app to use the macros required to follow this guide.

You can use the Scroll Title macro to add captions to images, figures, and tables in exports.

To use the macro, insert it into a page, highlight it and then select Edit. You can then enter the caption you want to assign to the content and after confirming, move that content into the macro.

Adjust caption position and alignment 

After adding the desired caption to your figure you can also customize the placement and alignment of the caption.

Macro parameters

  • title-position, you can decide whether you want the caption to appear above or below the table or figure.
  • title-alignment macro parameter allows you to define the alignment of the caption text. You can choose between the alignments: Left, Center, Right and Justify.
  • Justify alignment differs from the other directional alignments and allows you to write longer captions, on several lines. The letter- and word-spacing gets aligned so that the caption text stays within a predefined squared structure.

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