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Custom Export Template Feedback

In the next major version of Scroll HTML Exporter we will be making changes that impact on template creation and customization. This will mean that current Scroll HTML Exporter v3 export templates will not be compatible with the next major version release.

Therefore, we are gathering feedback from our users to discover the type of styling, formatting and additional features that are being using within their custom export templates with Scroll HTML Exporter v3. This information will help us to shape the next major version of Scroll HTML Exporter, and where possible, we will try to support the same customization.

We want your feedback!

If you are using custom Scroll HTML Exporter v3 templates we want to hear from you. For further context please read on within this article and then submit your feedback to us from the link below Submit Scroll HTML Exporter Template Feedback

If you’re interested in testing out the Beta version of Scroll HTML Exporter v4 please learn more here.


Current Template Process

Creating export templates in Scroll HTML Exporter v3.x requires coding knowledge to build a template JAR plugin file that can then be uploaded to Confluence (learn more). After the template creation, an Export Scheme needs to be created within Confluence which associates a number of different settings and properties with the defined custom export template.

New Template Process

In the next major version of Scroll HTML Exporter we plan to implement changes that closely match what is already available for Scroll HTML Exporter for Confluence Cloud. This means:

  • Export Schemes will no longer exist

  • we will provide a template editor which allows users to define their required template settings and export properties

  • we will provide a hard-coded theme with the possibility of further modifications possible via custom css and Javascript

Why are we changing the templating process?

There are a few reasons why we have decided to make this change and they include wanting to make templating easier, providing the possibility for users to migrate to Confluence cloud, and to update/improve the existing Scroll HTML Exporter app codebase.

Make Templating Simpler

In order to create a template with Scroll HTML Exporter v3 it requires substantial coding knowledge. We want to overcome this barrier for non-technical users so that templates can be created easily, by anyone. Therefore we plan to closely match what is available for the cloud version of Scroll HTML Exporter. This includes providing a hard-coded theme for the template (see below) which can be modified via template settings and export properties.

Help Center Template - Export Example

Provide Cloud Migration Opportunity

At the moment there is not a cloud migration pathway for users of Scroll HTML Exporter on Confluence Server & Data Center. This means should users want to move to cloud from Data Center (or vice versa), and use their same export templates, it is not currently possible. By making the proposed changes in the next major version of Scroll HTML Exporter it will allow users on the different Confluence hosting types to use the same Scroll HTML Exporter export templates.

Update the Existing Codebase

The planned changes for the next major version of the app will allow us to update the existing codebase and bring it in line with our other Scroll Exporter apps; Scroll PDF Exporter & Scroll Word Exporter. The overall changes from this will make the code simpler to maintain and it will also make it easier to implement new features.



    • During this quarter (April onwards) we plan to continue collecting feedback relating to Scroll HTML Exporter’s user template needs

  • DEVELOPMENT Q3-Q4 2023

    • During this period we plan to carry out work on updating the Scroll HTML Exporter codebase to the new major version

    • We also plan to release a beta version of Scroll HTML Exporter that highlights the proposed changes

  • RELEASE: Q4 2023 - Q1 2024 [DELAYED]

    • During this period we plan to conduct final testing and then release the new major version of Scroll HTML Exporter v4

    • Update → The release timeline has been delayed due to ongoing development and has been rescheduled for Q2 2024

Interested in testing the Beta version?

You can now access the beta version of Scroll HTML Exporter v4 here. This will allow users to discover how the templating process currently works and to see first-hand how it differs to the current Server and Data Center process.

From our K15t Help Center you can also read more about Scroll HTML Exporter v4 templating from our related cloud documentation:

Given the extent of customization options available for Scroll HTML Exporter templates on Server/Data Center, through the implementation of css, Javascript, and HTML, it is possible that some customization options will not be will be best suited for the new template process. Therefore gathering your feedback will help to further shape the final decisions for the new template process.

Therefore please submit your feedback to us and let us know the type of styling and formatting changes you’ve made in your custom template(s).

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