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Comala Document Management (Ad-hoc Workflows) Integration

All our Scroll Exporter apps integrate with Comala Document Management (formerly Comala Workflows). When creating an Export Scheme, and a workflow is activated, you can define if you want to export only published versions.

This documentation outlines the steps to integrate Scroll HTML Exporter with Comala Document Management.

Please note that the Comala Document Management integration does not work in spaces managed with Scroll Versions.


  • You need at least version Comala Document Management v4.8.0 installed


To export only published pages:

  1. On a Confluence page, select your desired export format from the Page Tools (•••)menu – e.g. Export to [Scroll app name]
  2. Click Customize Settings, and choose Comala Document Management
  3. Activate Option Only published versions
  4. Click Start Export

Export Output

The exported pages depend on the user permissions and the status of the checkbox:

User PermissionWorkflows CheckboxExported Pages
User can see all pages(error)The latest versions of all visible pages are exported.
User can see all pages(tick)Only the pages in status 'public'.
User can only see pages in status 'public'(error)Only the pages in status 'public'.
User can only see pages in status 'public'(tick)Only the pages in status 'public'.
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