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Creating HTML Breadcrumbs

HTML breadcrumbs can help users to easily navigate through a lot of pages and reduce the time to navigate to a higher-level page. 

Before you begin: To create breadcrumbs, a template must exist.

To create HTML breadcrumbs:

  1. Open your template folder.
  2. Go to src > main > resources > template in your template directory.
  3. Open the page.vm file with your favorite text editor.
  4. Insert the following lines at the respective place:

    #foreach($breadcrumb in $pageHierarchyHelper.getBreadcrumbs($source.Id)) 
    #if($velocityHasNext)<a href="$context.getLinkNamingStrategy().generateLinkString($breadcrumb)">$breadcrumb.DisplayTitle</a> &raquo;#else <strong>$breadcrumb.DisplayTitle</strong> #end 
  5. Save the page.vm file and rebuild the template by executing the atlas-package command in the terminal.
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