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Defining Your Own Metadata

By using the Comala Metadata Plugin you can define your own metadata in your exported content.

Before you begin: Before you can use the Confluence Metadata Plugin, a Confluence Admin has to install the plugin on your system.

To use the Confluence Metadata Plugin:

  1. Open your CHM template and enter $metadata.from("Your-Value-Name") in the position you want to insert the metadata.
    For example: $metadata.from("prodname")

  2. Open your Confluence page, enter {metadata and press Enter.
    The screen Insert 'Metadata (Metadata Plugin)' Macro is displayed.
  3. Enter the value name.
    For example: prodname. The value name has to be the same as in your CHM template.

  4. If you don't want to display the metadata in your Confluence page, select the checkbox Hidden.
  5. Click Insert.
    The macro is inserted.
  6. Enter the wanted value in the macro and save the page.
    For example: Scroll Versions

If you export the page, the placeholder you inserted in step 1 is overwritten with the defined value.

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