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Why does the Scroll Pagetitle Macro not Work in Pages Copied with the Copy Page Tree Plugin


Why does the Scroll page title macro not work in pages copied with the Copy Page Tree plugin?


The page title placed in the Scroll Pagetitle macro is saved as so called "Content Property" in Confluence. When copying a page with the Copy Page Tree plugin, it seems to be that the content property in not copied correctly.

As a workaround, try to edit the copied page. It is important that a new page revision is created, so:

  1. Add some text.
  2. Save the page.
  3. Immediately delete the text.
  4. Save the page again.
  5. Try to export the content.

Then the page title from the Scroll Pagetitle macro should be used. 

Background Information

When a new page revision is created, the content properties from our macro are "assigned" to the page and everything works as expected.



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