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Dealing with UnknownHostException


During exports or when managing export templates the operation fails and an UnknownHostException is printed to the log:

java.lang.RuntimeException: confserv1: confserv1
    at com.k15t.scroll.confluence.util.KeyGenerator.generateKey(


  • Unix servers
  • All Scroll Exporters
  • Scroll Versions
  • Scroll Viewport
  • All versions


To solve the UnknownHostException:

  1. Open the file /etc/hosts and check if there is a line for your public IP address containing the hostname (short version and fully qualified).
    For example if your public IP address is, the Confluence server's hostname is confserv1 and the public domain of the server is then make sure a line like this exists:

    CODE conserv1
  2. If there is a line like the one below please split it into two separate lines and replace the loopback IP (, ::1) with the actual IP of your server:
    Instead of:

    File: /etc/hosts (NOT compatible)

    CODE localhost localhost.localdomain confserv1 confserv1.local


    CODE localhost localhost.localdomain   confserv1 confserv1.local


This typically happens on Unix servers where the networking is set up in a certain way that Java cannot handle correctly.

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