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Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our customers are the most important priority for everyone at K15t. Our goal is that all our customers are completely satisfied with our products and any interactions with our team.

Response Times

When you make a support request to K15t, we will respond no more than 24 business hours from the time of your request.

Business Hours

Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM CET. K15t is closed on major German Holidays.

Support Channels

Submit a request through our support system by clicking Create Support Request.
Requests made through our forums will be responded on a best-effort basis.

Support includes help with:

  • installation,

  • troubleshooting problems with K15t apps,

  • identifying work-arounds.

Support does not include help:

  • with product training,

  • for non-valid and non-current license or inactive subscription,

  • with K15t Labs apps (excluding Expando for Confluence FREE)

  • with non-K15t apps,

  • with Confluence/Jira issues,

  • with Confluence/Jira versions that are no longer supported by the K15t apps,

  • with client configurations that are not supported by the Confluence/Jira versions that the app is installed on,

  • with beta or development releases,

  • with theme development or CSS/Javascript code customizations for Scroll Exporters and Scroll Viewport (although we try to do our best to answer questions in the forums or Scroll Viewport Developer Groups),

  • in any language other than English or German.

Bug fix policy

Fixes are not backported to previous versions due to

  • risk,

  • complexity,

  • changes to an API requirement,

  • code used by third party add-ons, or

  • infrastructure that we would usually reserve for a platform release.

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