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Context-Sensitive Help

Context-sensitive help means that the help documentation opens to the correct topic automatically, based on your location in the software. This functions through a unique identifier called a Page Key that is assigned to each page. For context-sensitive help to function properly, a unique page key must be set manually for each page. This page key is displayed bracketed in grey to the right of the page title, and is not visible to users.

Page Keys are only necessary if you are linking to your content using context-sensitive help. A Page Key is a unique page identifier used by context-sensitive help. As Page Keys are saved as content properties and not stored in the actual content of a page, they do not show up in search results.

To use the Page Key feature in Viewport, you need Scroll Versions 3.8.0 or higher.

Setting up a Page Key in Scroll Versions

To use Page Keys in Scroll Viewport you have to set it up in Scroll Versions. How you can do that you can find on Using Page Keys.

Using Page Keys in Viewport

If you set up a Page Key for a Confluence page, you are able to use it for your context-sensitive help.

To call the page in Viewport via its page key use the following URL pattern:


If the page content is moved to another page, or the page is renamed, you are still able to reach this page with the Page Key URL.

For example: is reachable by

Even when the page is moved or renamed.

Page Keys and Variants

If you are using variants you are also able to link directly to the correct variant of pages by appending the URL path <variant> to your URL:


For example:

Page Keys and Scroll Translations

If you are using Scroll Translations, you are also able to link directly to translated pages by appending the URL path <language> to your URL:


For example:

Using Link Anchors

You are also able to use anchors in the Page Key URL to jump to a specific section on the page by appending #myAnchor to your Page Key in the known URL pattern:


For example:

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