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We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Viewport 2023-06-06 which is an improvement release.

With this release, we are rolling out an improved site updating process to all customers. This new process will make site generations much faster (under certain conditions).

We have also made small improvements that will make sites overall more accessible. The syntax highlighting in code snippets includes more colors now to make the code easier to read. For users navigating with a keyboard, we have made ‘skip to main content’ links more efficient.


Faster site generations with ‘partial updating’

The new update process will look and work exactly the same as before. However, in some scenarios your site will generate much faster now. This is because, under certain conditions, our new ‘partial updating’ process will generates just those pages and attachment that have been added or changed since the last update and will re-use the rest.

To avoid accidentally re-using pages or attachment that have changed (resulting in an outdated site), our implementation is still, at first, very careful when deciding whether to re-use or re-generate.

If it’s hard to know whether content can be re-used or not, the implementation always falls back to generating the content again. Better safe than sorry.

All Improvements

This release contains the following improvements for:

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