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Article Feedback Integration

Allow your site visitors to comment and give feedback on your help center articles.

Currently, Scroll Viewport supports and integrates with Hyvor Talk’s commenting platform.

Hyvor Talk

Hyvor Talk is a commenting platform that can be embedded on any website, including Scroll Viewport help centers.

To make use of this integration, you'll need to sign up for an account with Hyvor Talk first. Refer to the Hyvor Talk website for pricing information.

Take advantage of our integration with Hyvor Talk and get a discount of up to 20% if you’re a new Hyvor Talk customer. Have a look at all of our Integrations Discounts and get your code from inside the Scroll Viewport app.

The Hyvor Talk app consists of two parts: The Embed and Console.

The Console is available from your Hyvor Talk account and allows you to configure the functionality of the platform and manage all comments and reactions.

The Embed is the part of the platform that gets inserted on all articles published on your Scroll Viewport site. From here, your customers or end-users can leave their comments, ratings and reactions.

Adding your help center to your Hyvor Talk Console

Once your account with Hyvor Talk is created, go to the Add Website section of the Hyvor Talk Console in your Hyvor Talk account.

Create a new entry for your Scroll Viewport help center by specifying a name (e.g. Example Help Center) and a domain (e.g. You will need to create a new entry for each help center you want to use Hyvor Talk on. For more details on how to set up Hyvor Talk, refer to their documentation.

After adding Scroll Viewport as a website, you will get a Website ID. Copy the ID as you will need it in the next step (Enabling the Hyvor Talk Embed on your help center).

You can also change the look and feel of the commenting and rating widget from the Appearance section of the Hyvor Talk Console.

Please note: The commenting functionality is always part of Hyvor Talk Embed. Optionally, you can add a rating and reaction feature to the widget.

Enabling the Hyvor Talk Embed on your help center

From the site overview page, click Edit Theme. From the Theme Editor:

  1. Select Integrations

  2. In the Article Feedback dropdown, select Hyvor Talk

  3. In the field, enter your Website ID (find the ID in your Hyvor Talk Console. Select the correct website → Config → Install)

  4. Click Save and Update Site

The Hyvor Talk Embed will now be included on each of your help center articles.

Why does Hyvor Talk not show up in the theme preview?

Hyvor Talk won’t show up in the Theme Editor preview or the article preview. The reason for that is that Hyvor Talk scopes it’s implementation always to one or multiple URLs which you need to set in the Hyvor Talk Console.

The previews of the theme are provided via a URL directly from our app which isn’t set to the scope of your Hyvor Talk settings. This is why Hyvor Talk will block the integration for this request URL to protect your comment and rating section for implementations on other websites which you haven’t consented to.

Hyvor Talk protects the privacy of your visitors and will not place any affiliate links, tracking codes, or ads on your help center.

Managing comments and reactions from your Hyvor Talk Console

By default, the Hyvor Talk account owner will receive email notification for any new comments and replies on your help center articles.

You can also overview, manage and moderate all comments and ratings that are left on your Scroll Viewport articles from the Hyvor Talk Console in your Hyvor Talk account. Comment management options include:

  • Disable comments for specific Viewport articles.

  • Reset reactions and comments for specific articles. This is helpful in cases where you have completely revised the content of an article.

  • Import comments from other platforms (e.g. Disqus) to your Scroll Viewport site.

  • Export comments from Hyvor Talk.

Learn more about how to moderate and manage your comments in Hyvor’s documentation.

Migrating comments to a different help center

Hyvor Talk allows you to export all of your comments for a specific website as a JSON file and import them back in for a different website in Hyvor Talk.

This is especially helpful if you’ve moved existing help content from one Scroll Viewport help center to a different one and want to take your comments with you.

Export comments from one help center (in Hyvor Talk)

  1. Go to your Hyvor Talk Console

  2. In the sidebar, select your old help center from the website dropdown

  3. In the sidebar, select DataExport

  4. Click Export to download the JSON file

Edit the JSON file to adjust the pageIDs

Before proceeding, you should note down the pageIDs of all pages in your old help center that have existing comments. You can find a complete list of all pageIDs in your Hyvor Talk Console: Select your website in the dropdown → Pages.

Then, locate the pages that will be the new location of the existing comments and note down their respective Confluence pageIDs (go to the Confluence page and copy the number from the URL).

  1. Open your JSON file in a text editor

  2. Using the Find and Replace option of your editor, replace the old pageID with the new pageID

  3. Save the changes

Import comments into another help center (in Hyvor Talk)

  1. Go to your Hyvor Talk Console

  2. In the sidebar, select your new help center from the website dropdown

  3. In the sidebar, select DataImport

  4. Under Import From, select Hyvor Talk (from export)

  5. Choose file from your device and select it

Please note that the import process in Hyvor Talk can take up to 24 hours to complete.

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