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Supported Macros and Features

The section will show you which macros and features of Confluence Cloud and K15t apps are supported by the Help Center theme and Scroll Viewport for Cloud.

Have a look at our Example Help Center to see how the supported macros look like on a live site.

SUPPORTED - macro or features is supported. If you have any issues with it, please raise a ticket.
PLANNED - the macro or feature is planned to be supported.
NOT SUPPORTED - this macro or feature is currently not supported and isn’t planned to be supported. If you need this macro or feature, please raise a ticket.

Confluence macros

The following table refers to macros of the new Confluence editor. We can’t guarantee support for macros that are exclusively available in Confluence’s legacy editor and recommend that you convert your pages to the new editor.

MacroStatus for ViewportComments for Viewport
Anchor macro and anchor linksSupported 
Attachments macroSupportedThe macro output in Viewport is a simple table that includes the file name, the file type and the modification date.

The Viewport output excludes the upload area.
Blog posts macroNot supportedSince we currently don’t support blog posts, this macro isn’t supported.
Change history macroSupported 
Chart macroNot supportedA bug in the app causes the image to break a few minutes after publishing.
Child pages macro (formerly: Children display macro)SupportedWe override this macro to generate a consistent view of the content.

If enabled via the macro’s configuration, Viewport will show:

- The current children of the page. Selecting other parent pages is not supported and will default to the current page.

- A maximum of two descendant levels. More levels are hidden.

- A simple excerpt of the page. Rich text is not supported.
Code snippet macroSupportedSyntax highlights are supported for most popular languages
Content report tableSupported 
Contributors macroSupportedUser mentions are anonymized
Contributors summary macroSupportedUser mentions are anonymized
Create from template macroNot supportedWe ignore the macro in the Viewport site so you can use it for internal page creation purposes only.
Database (entry/value) macroSupportedThe database macro, database entry macro and database value macro will display like normal tables and text respectively.
Excerpt macroSupportedViewport uses the content in your excerpt macro as article meta descriptions.

We recommend adding excerpt macros to all pages in order to improve how search engines rank and index your site's articles.
Expand macroSupported 
Filter by label macro (formerly Content by label macro)SupportedThe macro in Viewport will only show content of the type ‘pages’. Any pages that are not part of the current Scroll Viewport site or that lie outside the site’s content sources won’t show up in Viewport.

The preview report will show a warning if you end up with completely empty macros on a page.
Gallery macroNot supported 
iFrameSupportedThe iFrame will only work if it points to a URL that is publicly accessible.
Include page macroSupportedGo to Viewport Site Settings -> Content inclusions to allow for page inclusions from anywhere (not just your content source)
Insert excerpt macro (formerly excerpt include macro)Supported 
Label list macroNot supportedThe list is correctly shown but the links don't work.
Live search macroNot supportedThe theme already comes with search functionality.
Office Excel macroNot supported 
Office Powerpoint macroNot supported 
Office Word macroNot supported 
Page Index macroSupported 
Page properties macroSupportedIt’s styled just like any other table in the help center.

If you don’t want the macro to appear in your articles, open your macro configurations in Confluence and set the macro to ‘hidden'.
Page properties report macroSupported 
Page tree macroNot supportedThe help center theme already provides a page tree.
Page tree search macroNot supported 
Panel macroSupportedCustom panels are supported. Emojis in those panels will show as long as they are not custom emojis (see table).
PDF macroNot supportedSuggested workflow: To add a PDF, drag and drop the PDF file into your Confluence page or use the 'Files & Images' option in the editor toolbar.

The inserted file will show as a plain link.
Depending on the user’s browser (configuration), clicking the link in Viewport will download the PDF right away, or open a preview in a new tab.
Popular labels macroNot supportedThe list is correctly shown but the links don't work.
Profile picture macroSupported 
Recent updates macro (formerly Recently Updated macro)Not supportedThe list of recently updated pages will show but some of the elements will not work or look nice. Improvement issue:
Recently updated dashboard macroNot supported 
Recently used labels macroNot supported 
Related labels macroNot supportedThe list will show all related labels but the label links lead to a 404 page.
Shared link bookmarklet buttonSupported 
Space list macroSupportedTabs aren’t supported.
Status macroSupported 
Table of content macroNot supportedA table of content is already included within the theme. We recommend using the included functionality.
Table of content zone macroSupportedA table of content is already included with the theme. We recommend using the included functionality.
Task reportNot supported 
User list macroSupported 
User profile macroNot supported 
Widget connector macroSupportedUse the widget connector to embed a video from sources like Youtube or Vimeo to your Viewport site.

Is your video from Youtube or Loom? Pasting your public video link into the page and setting the link to ‘Embed' is your quickest way to get videos into your articles.

Editor Features

Editor featureStatus for ViewportComments for Viewport
Custom EmojisNot supportedCustom emojis are not supported as Confluence doesn’t (yet) support export of these emojis. See also FAQ article "Why do custom emojis not show in my Viewport site?"
Embed linksSupportedWill show embedded content only for public Youtube and Loom videos.
EmojisSupportedEmojis will display as followed: 🙂🙁😛😀😉👍👎🔒 📱 🔧

Standard emojis will show in the OS/Browser representation. This might deviate from Confluence’s representation of the emoji.
Emojis in Page TitleNot supported 
Header ImagesNot supported 
Image captionsSupported 
Image linksSupported 
ImagesSupported- We don’t support effects on images like shadows or borders.

- We don’t support wrap right/wrap left alignments

Learn how to Resize and Align Images:
Layouts (columns and sections)SupportedOn mobile, all layouts default to a single column.
LinksSupportedLinks that point to another domain will open in a new tab.
Lists (numbered and bulleted)Supported 
TablesSupportedTo optimize readability, especially for large tables, tables in Viewport articles (desktop view) are shown by default slightly wider than text and come with a enlarge button so that the table can be viewed in full screen mode.
Text formattingSupportedText formatted as inline code follows the same styling as code snippets (monospaced font and grey background), so that it’s distinguishable from paragraph style text.

(uploaded using the Files & images icon or drag and drop)
Not supportedWe recommend to embed videos from external (streaming) platforms using the Widget connector macro or editor's Embed links option (see table).

Using external streaming services will result in a much better watch experience for your users, especially those on mobile devices and mobile data plans. Streaming services not only have responsive video players but also support changing the film quality (thus adapting to the connection quality of the user).

K15t macros

This table lists all supported macros that are delivered with K15t apps.


What’s supported?

Scroll ImageMap

Scroll Imagemaps: maps are shown in articles as configured in the macro, using the custom colors of your theme’s header for the area filling and outline.

For a mobile-friendly result, we recommend you tick the checkboxes for ‘responsive’ and ‘show areas’ in the ImageMap editor. That way your linked areas will always be visible in the mobile view.

Scroll Exporter Extensions

Supported macros:

Variants for Scroll Documents

Supported macros:

  • Scroll Conditional Content Macro

Learn more: Define Conditional Content

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