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Customize URL Segments

Specify the individual segments of your URLs to create fully customized Viewport links.

Scroll Viewport not only lets you define the base URL for your site but also specify all individual segments of your URL. This helps you create customized links to your Viewport pages.

Modifying any part of your URLs requires that you re-generate your site (click Update site) and that Scroll Viewport has view and edit permissions on the specific pages you want to change.

The structure of your URLs

By default, Scroll Viewport URLs are constructed as follows:

https:// your-company . language-code / content-source / version / variant / article

The structure itself can’t be changed. Depending on the type of content source, only some of the above segments will be part of your URL. Read more on How Does Scroll Viewport Construct URLs?

Optionally, you can connect a custom domain to replace the domain.

Why do my links look different?

If you distributed links to article pages before June 2022, your URLs ended like this:


We simplified this format by removing the page-ID reference and the ending .html. With this change, we also set up redirects for you. These ensure that any old links using the legacy format continue to work. Read more on What are Legacy URL formats?

Customize the content source segment

When you add a content source, you can specify the URL segment for that particular content source. You can also modify the content source segment any time after adding the content source and going live with your site.

Please note that changing the content source URL segment for a site that is already live will modify all links to this content source. All previously shared links will break.

To change your content source segment:

  1. From the content source table, select the ••• actions menu.

  2. Click Change URL segment.

  3. Type the new value into the field. The value needs to be unique per site.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Update site.

Customize the version and variant segment

If you’re using a Scroll Document content source, the version segment is always part of your article URLs. The variant segment is only part of the URL if your document document source has at least one variant set up.

For full control over the display of URLs, Viewport allows you to specify the version and variant segment independent of the version or variant names that you have defined in Scroll Documents.

  1. From the content source table, select ‘Versions in site' or ‘Variants in site’ for a content source.

  2. For each version or variant, you can define the URL path and the name that gets displayed in the site. Click the pen icons in the corresponding columns to edit the pre-defined values.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Click Update site.

Customize the article segment

By default, the article segment is derived from a URL-safe version of the Confluence page title. The default segment is set when the page is first added to a Viewport site and does not change when the Confluence page title changes.

Did the preview report warn you about unstable page URLs? Make sure that Scroll Viewport has view and edit permissions for the page(s) so it can set a default value or set the article segment manually as described below.

For further customization, you can specify the article segment for any page that is part of a Viewport site (as long as it’s rendered as an article page). The article segment can be modified independent from the Confluence page title, and vice versa.

To change the article segment:

  1. Navigate to your page in Confluence

  2. Click the Scroll Viewport content byline icon (located right under the page title). The byline will read 'Scroll Viewport'.

  3. In the pop out, click the pen icon under ‘URL segment’

  4. Type the new value into the field. The value needs to be unique per content source or document version or variant. The maximum number of characters allowed is 50.

  5. Click the check icon to confirm.

  6. Go to your Viewport site details screen. Click Update site.

Please note that changing the segment will affect all Viewport sites that the modified page is part of. Defining a different article URL for each of your sites is not possible.

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