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Delete a Site

There are two ways of removing your Scroll Viewport site so that it’s not publicly available: Take it offline or delete site.

Take a Site Offline

To take your live site offline, navigate to the site overview screen and click the ••• menu near the top right and select Take offline, then confirm your choice. Taking your site offline removes the live Scroll Viewport site, but you will still be able to view a preview of your site if it’s been generated. 

Delete a Site

To delete your site, navigate to the site overview screen and click the ••• menu near the top right and select Delete site and confirm your choice.

Deleting your site will remove your entire site and theme settings as well as the content stored on the web server. Please note, once you confirm that you want your site to be deleted, this move can’t be undone.

Ending a subscription or uninstalling Scroll Viewport (without manual deletion) will not immediately delete the data hosted through the app.

Deletion of Hosted Content

In line with our Data Security Statement your data will be deleted at the latest 180 days after you unsubscribe from the app.

If your subscription expired or you uninstalled the app, your sites will stay online and all data is preserved for at least 35 days to cater for re-installation or subscription changes. If you want your data to be deleted and sites taken offline ideally you use the methods described on this page above - otherwise get in touch with our support team and ask for earlier deletion.

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