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How To Use Duplicate Page Titles in Viewport

You can override the Confluence page title with a custom title that will show in your Viewport site. This custom title is called Scroll Page Title.

Scroll Page Titles are useful because page titles in Confluence have to be unique within a space – so being able to override them gives you more flexibility in naming pages in your Viewport site or other Scroll Exports.

The title that is visible on the page in Confluence will not change with this feature.

1. Install Scroll Documents or the Scroll Extension app

The first step is to install either Scroll Documents or Scroll Exporter Extensions.

  • Scroll Exporter Extensions is available for free from the Atlassian Marketplace. The app is handy if you’re using any of our Scroll Exporter apps (PDF or Word Exporter) as it includes other extended export options.

  • Scroll Documents is a paid app that you can trial for free for 30 days. The app is handy if you would also like to version, translate or conditionalize the content you publish to Viewport.

2. Set the Scroll Page Title for a Page

Scroll Viewport sites will usually take the Confluence page title to show in your Viewport article. Using the Scroll Page Title option you can deviate from that title.

To override the title of a Confluence page:

  1. Navigate to a page that is part of your Viewport site.

  2. Click on the page tools icon •••, and select Set Scroll Page Title.

  3. Enter the page title you want to have displayed in your exports.

  4. Click Save

  5. Publish to your Viewport site.

While the page title will still show the same as before in Confluence, in Viewport it is now replaced with your Scroll Page title. This includes:

  • The visible title on the article

  • The URL segment - please note: duplicate URLs are not allowed

  • The meta title in the HTML

The Scroll Page Title will also show in your exports generated with Scroll PDF Exporter and Scroll Word Exporter.

3. Adjust the URL for the page

The URL segment for the page will be derived from the Scroll Page Title, if set. However, the resulting URL still needs to be unique within the site.

If the segment derived from the Scroll Page Title duplicates an existing segment in the same content source or same version of the content source (resulting in the same URL), it will be automatically modified to include “-1" (e.g. “creating-reports-1") in order to avoid conflicts.

You can always go back to modify the value and Customize URL Segments .

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