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Navigate From Article in Site Directly to Confluence Page

Learn how to navigate from any article in your help center site directly to the underlying page in your Confluence.

You and your team members can get to the author view of any public article with just one click.

Using an automatic redirect you can cut the long trip from the public facing side to the internal facing side short and make changes to your content faster.

In order to set up the direct:

  1. Copy the following script:

    javascript:(() => { window.location = scrollHelpCenter.source.confluenceBaseUrl + "/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=" + document.querySelector("html").getAttribute("data-vp-page-id"); })()
  2. Create a new bookmark in your browser’s bookmark bar

  3. In the URL field, paste the copied script

  4. Save

Now, whenever you open any of your Viewport articles and click that bookmark, you are automatically directed to the corresponding Confluence page.

From here, you can make all the necessary changes and navigate to Viewport to bring the updates live.

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