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Scroll Viewport Cloud 2021-11-23

We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Viewport 2021-11-23 which is a improvement and bug fix release.

In this release we introduce and extend support for several Confluence editor features. We have also simplified the process to implement custom fonts via CSS.


New and extended support for Confluence macros

We have introduced and extended support for the following Confluence editor features:

  • the page properties macro. It’s now visible on all of your articles and styled just like any other table in the help center. If you don’t want the macro to appear in your articles, open your macro configurations in Confluence and set the macro to ‘hidden'.

  • the excerpt include macro. Included excerpts are now wrapped in a paragraph tag to ensure proper spacing and width of the text. Furthermore, Viewport will now respect any excerpt names that you specify in your excerpt include macros.

  • Smart Links ‘Embed’ option (only for Youtube videos). Youtube videos that you embed via Confluence’s ‘Embed’ Smart Links option will now also display in your help center article. Paste your Youtube link into a Confluence page and set the link to ‘embed’.

  • Code macros on Safari on mobile. We have fixed the horizontal scrolling behavior for mobile devices that use Safari.

Learn more about Supported Macros and Features in Scroll Viewport.

Simplification of CSS for custom fonts

Until now, changing the default help center theme font to a custom font required several lines of code to affect changes across multiple font families and different font weights (regular, medium bold).

We have simplified the process to change body and headline fonts to now only require the following lines of code:

@import url('');

:root {
    --vp-font-family-default: Helvetica, Arial, serif;
	--vp-font-family-headline: 'Shadows Into Light', cursive;


This release contains the following improvements for:

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View these issues in Jira

Bug fixes

This release contains the following fix for:

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View these issues in Jira

Check out our public cloud roadmap to see which Scroll Viewport features are coming up next!

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