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Allow to Display Content From Any Includes

Display content frominclude page” and “insert excerpt” macros in your help center even if the source pages are not contained in your Scroll Viewport content sources.

Confluence’s include page and insert excerpt (formally known as excerpt-include) macros enable you to reuse the content from another page. They are a smart way to manage help center content, since you avoid writing and maintaining the same piece of content in multiple locations.

By default, the app displays content only if it is contained in your selected content sources (and only if the app has permission to access the specific content). Scroll Viewport lets you extend those permissions to include content from outside your content sources if this content is pulled into your content sources via include page and insert excerpt macros.

Opening up your content inclusions in this way enables you to manage reusable content in a dedicated Confluence space or Scroll Document (“reuse libraries”) and serve multiple Viewport content sources from that location, without having to make those libraries a visible part of your help center.

Learn more about Content Reuse in Confluence.

Extending your content inclusion settings

Use your site settings to determine if content from outside content sources should be displayed in your site or not.

You’ll find the content inclusion setting in site settings:

  1. Navigate to the single site overview.

  2. Click the Settings button on the top right.

  3. Navigate to the section Content Inclusion

    1. If Display included content only from the selected content sources is selected: You allow the app to only display include content only from selected content sources (as long as it’s not restricted to the app).

    2. If Display all included content is selected: You allow the app to display include content from anywhere in Confluence (as long as it’s not restricted to the app).

  4. Click Save

Your new settings will be applied with your next site update.

If you haven’t extended your content inclusion but still use includes in your site that point to content outside your content sources, the preview report will generate a warning and help you identify the problematic page so you can remove the include.

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