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Share Links

Direct your users to the right content by sharing links to your help center.

Each page of your help center has a unique URL. Learn how to get the right links to direct users to the right piece of content in your help center.

The pages of your help center all have unique URLs. Use these specific URLs to link to the different Viewport contexts.

  • To link to the portal page: Use the base URL specified for your site (e.g.

  • To link to a content source page: Append the content source segment to the base URL (e.g. /space-key/)

  • To link to an article page: Append the content source segment and article segment to the base URL (e.g. /space-key/page-title)

Both the base URL as well as all other segments of the URL can be changed to fit your preferences. Learn more Customize URL Segments .

To link to a specific section in an article page, you can copy the link to the section’s heading. Users who access the section link will be directed to the page and will reach the specified section without having to scroll to it.

The help center theme offers an easy way to get links to sections. All headings in your articles will have a ‘copy to clipboard’ option that appears when you hover over the heading. Click on the appearing anchor icon to copy the link to the corresponding heading.

On click, the link is saved to your dashboard. You can now insert the link anywhere it’s needed - in a support ticket, in emails, blog post and so on.

Looking to place a link to an article section from within the help center? Find out how on Insert links to article sections.

By default, Scroll Viewport’s URLs ensure a certain level of stability (and portability) as you can set custom values for all segments of the URL.

However, that stability gets more fragile when you start moving content around to different pages or spaces.

To reliably point to your versioned, translated and conditionalized content from those assets, we recommend using Scroll Document’s content keys. Please note that this will require that you install Scroll Documents.

→ Learn how to generate stable links with the help of content keys.

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