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Unable To Add a Document As a Content Source


Adding a Scroll Document as a content source to a Viewport site is not possible.

The specific document(s) you are trying to add does not show up in the content source list or adding the document fails with the following error -

Content source could not be found.


There are several possible explanations for this error:

  • You have deleted the specific document(s) that you would like to add or haven’t created any document(s) yet.

  • Scroll Viewport is missing the right permissions to access your document.

  • You just migrated your Scroll Document(s) from Confluence Server/Data Center to Confluence Cloud. The Confluence index fails to pick up the document(s).

  • You previously deleted a document (not the one you are trying to add) which triggers a known bug with the Confluence REST API. Fetching documents does not work correctly when a document is in the trash: Instead of just the deleted document disappearing from the content source list in Viewport, all other or some other not deleted documents disappear as well.


In order to be able to add a document to a Scroll Viewport site, you will need to follow these steps - 

Check for existing documents

  1. Navigate to the space where you document is located.

  2. Open Scroll Documents from the space sidebar.

  3. Confirm that your document(s) still appears in your document library. If not: Create a new document from existing or restored Confluence pages.

  4. Go to Viewport and type the document name in the content source field.

Still not appearing? Continue with the next steps.

Review space and custom restrictions set on your document(s)

  1. Open the manage restrictions dialog for all versions of your document.

  2. Check that no custom restrictions are set for any of your versions.

  3. If you set custom restrictions (have revoked access to ‘Everyone’)make sure that one of the following applies:

    1. Everyone can at least view

    2. The user group Confluence-users can at least view

    3. The app user Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud can at least view

  4. Save.

  5. Go to Space SettingsSpace permissions and check the same as in step 3.

  6. Go to Viewport and type the document name in the content source field.

Still not appearing? Continue with the next steps.

Purge pages in the trash

Please note that you need to be a Confluence space admin to complete the steps.

Identify any previously deleted document pages

  1. Navigate to any page in your Confluence instance.

  2. Run the following code in your browser’s developer console:

    fetch('/wiki/rest/api/content/search?expand=space,container&limit=200&cql=type+%3D+%27ac%3Ak15t-scroll-document-versions-for-confluence%3Adocument%27').then((r) => r.json()).then((r) => { for(const d of r.results) d.status === 'trashed' && console.log(`${} (${}): ${d.container.title}`) }).catch((e) => { console.error(e); })

    The console will output the page title along with the space where the page is located.

Purge identified document pages in the trash

  1. Navigate to space(s) specified in the console output

  2. Open Space setting > Content Tools > Trash

  3. Click Purge all to purge all pages in the trash or purge only the pages specified in the console output.

  4. Confirm.

  5. Go to Viewport and type the document name in the content source field.

Edit document metadata

Editing metadata of your document could help re-index the document.

To edit document metadata first navigate to the Document Manager of your document, then open the Edit document details dialog.

Navigate to the document manager

  1. Click Scroll Documents from the Apps section in your space sidebar.

  2. From the Document Library, click the document card of a document.


  1. From a page in a document, click Document toolbox.

  2. Click on the cog icon.

Navigate to edit document details dialog

  • In the Document Manager, click the pencil icon on the top-right of the page. This opens the Edit document details dialog for your document.

  • Edit the title of your document.

  • Change the title back.

  • Click Save.

Go back to your Viewport site. Your document should now appear when typing its name into the content source field.

Document still not appearing? Please reach out to our support team.

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