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Scroll Viewport Cloud 2022-01-18

We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Viewport 2022-01-18 which is an improvement release.

With this release we introduce support for the image arrangement features that the Confluence editor provides. We now take into account the image alignments and width adjustments that you set in the Confluence editor, giving you more control (and predictability!) over how your images display in your Viewport help center.

We also introduce a new integration with Scroll ImageMap for Confluence Cloud. Use the power of Scroll ImageMaps to create interactive images in Confluence with clickable link areas and mouseover tooltips for your help center.


Control the size and alignments of images in the Confluence editor

With this release you have more control over how your images are handled in Scroll Viewport.

Instead of simply showing all images in their original dimensions, Scroll Viewport now takes into account the image alignments and width adjustments that you have set in the Confluence editor.

By default, if you add or have added an image to a Confluence page without adjusting it further, Scroll Viewport will continue to display the image in full width. It’s only if you make use of the Confluence editor’s image features that changes take effect.

Read the help article Resize and Align Images to learn how to control image sizes and alignment in Confluence and how Scroll Viewport will display these image settings in your help center.

Before you go live, we recommend you use your article preview to check if your images display as expected.

Please note that the mobile view remains unchanged as images are always displayed full width (if the original image size permits).

We have also cleaned up the display of your article content, making sure that other elements on your article are set to a consistent width, so that the content harmonizes well.

Create Scroll ImageMaps for an interactive help experience

Scroll ImageMap is another K15t app available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Scroll ImageMap enables you to add clickable link areas in various shapes onto images within Confluence, making your images interactive for readers.

With this release, Scroll ImageMaps can now be displayed in your help center articles for your users to interact with.

Linked areas will appear in the colors you’ve defined for your theme's header: The area filling will show in your header background color and the outline will show in the header text color.

For a mobile-friendly result, we recommend you tick the checkboxes for ‘responsive’ and ‘show areas’ in the ImageMap editor. That way your linked areas will always be visible for mobile visitors.

Want to give Scroll ImageMap a go? Try it free for 30 days →


This release contains the following improvements for:

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View these issues in Jira

Check out our public cloud roadmap to see which Scroll Viewport features are coming up next!

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