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Context Key Links Lead to 404 Pages

You have followed the instructions to create and append context keys but the Viewport link you built still leads to a 404 page? Read on to find out what might be causing the problem and how to get links to work.

Common Roadblocks



You haven’t updated the Viewport site again after creating the context keys in Scroll Documents.

Go to your Scroll Viewport site details screen and click Update Site, then Go live.

You haven’t correctly appended the context keys to the Viewport URL.

When building the link, make sure to

  • Remove any language, version or variant specification from the Viewport URL before appending the context keys. The context key will already carry all the necessary information.

  • Include the content source path for the specific document that you’ve added the context key for.

Example link:

If your Viewport site contains more than one document content source:

You have activated a language in one or some of your document content sources that isn’t active in all of your document content sources.

The integration with Scroll Documents/Translations for Scroll Documents with Scroll Viewport was designed for consistent application of specific languages throughout the entire site.

To ensure this consistency, make sure to either

  • Deactivate translations or remove any languages that you don’t need from the documents that are part of your site.

  • Activate translations and add the languages that you have activated on some of your documents for all of the documents that are part of the site.
    (warning) You don’t need to create translations for all the documents, the language just needs to be listed in the document’s languages list.

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