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Why do custom emojis not show in my Viewport site?

Custom emojis aren’t supported in Scroll Viewport and won’t show up in your site. Instead, we recommend using standard emojis.

Curent Confluence limitations

We always try to support all essential Confluence editor features. Supporting custom emojis however is technically not possible for us. This is because your custom emoji is not uploaded anywhere in Confluence where we could access it to display on your Viewport site.

We have been in touch with Atlassian over this issue and hope this problem will get resolved at some point. You can use the Jira issue CONFCLOUD-76278: Custom emojis not printed in PDF or Word Export to vote for or track the status of this work. You might also want to track Atlassian’s work on CONFCLOUD-68501: Allow Images to be inserted inline or in a sentence in the New Editor, which could be a great alternative to custom emojis.

Recommended alternatives

For now, there are only two ways around the custom emoji limitation:

  • Embed your emojis as a standard emojis instead

  • Try to illustrate your content with regular images (please note: these can’t be displayed inline)

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