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How to change the order of versions in the version picker in Viewport

The order of versions in the version picker is alphanumerical and can be influenced by changing the name of the versions in Scroll Documents.

Scroll Viewport will list all Scroll Document versions selected for your site in a version picker in the site’s header. The order of the listed versions reflects the order shown in the Scroll Document Document Manager.

Scroll Documents will order your versions by the alphanumerical value of the version name. You can only influence the order of versions in Viewport by changing the name of the version in Scroll Documents.

Change the version name in Scroll Documents

To change the name of a version, open the Scroll Documents Document Manager for the Scroll Document that you want to change the version order for:

  1. Navigate to edit version details.

  2. Change the version name for your version(s) accordingly. For example, if your version names are all numerical, append a letter to the version name of the version that should appear first.

  3. Save your changes.

  4. Go to Scroll Viewport and for the changed versions untick and then tick again the versions you have selected to display in your site.

  5. Click to update your site.

The new order (and version names) will appear in the version picker in your site.

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