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How To Move a Custom Domain From One Viewport Site to Another One

When migrating a custom domain from one Viewport site to another one, it’s important to consider various steps and respect the order of these steps.

If you follow the instructions on this page, you will minimize any downtime for your custom domain.

Start with the described steps only after you’re done setting up your new site (i.e. your new site is ready to receive traffic):

  1. In the site where the custom domain is already set up, click Site SettingsRemove custom domain

  2. In your DNS tool, delete the two CNAME records that you had previously set up for your subdomain

  3. Wait until the screen from step #1 indicates that the custom domain been completely removed from your site. Once done, your custom domain is fully offline and not available to users anymore.

  4. In your new site, click Site SettingsConnect Custom Domain

  5. Proceed as instructed on , which involves setting up two new CNAME records. Please note, the provided values will be different than for the CNAME records you had previously set up.

  6. Wait until the status changes to ‘success

Your custom domain is now connected to the new site.

Please expect some downtime for your custom domain between steps 3 and 6.

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