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Unable to Add a Space as a Content Source


Adding a Confluence space as a content source to a Viewport site is not possible.

The specific space(s) you are trying to add does not show up in the content source list or adding the space fails with the following error -

Content source could not be found.


There are several possible explanations for this error:

  • You have deleted the specific space(s) that you would like to add or typed the wrong name/space key.

  • Scroll Viewport is missing the right permissions to access your space. Learn more about how the app accesses your Confluence spaces.


In order to be able to add a document to a Scroll Viewport site, you will need to follow these steps - 

Check for existing space

  1. Navigate to the space that you would like to add.

  2. Confirm that the space still exists.

  3. Check the space name and confirm that you typed the correct name in the content source field.

All correct? To investigate further, proceed with the next steps.

Review space permissions

  1. Go to the space.

  2. Click Space Settings.

  3. Switch to the tab Permissions.

  4. Check if the user group confluence-users is listed under Groups.

  5. Tick View for the user group confluence-users. This will give the app user permission to read the space content.

If the group confluence-users is not listed, you will need to add the user Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud individually. Please proceed with the next steps

Add the app user in space permissions

  1. In the Permissions tab, under the table Individual Users click Edit permissions.

  2. Type Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Navigate to Viewport and type the space name or space key in the content source field.

Space still not appearing? Please reach out to our support team.

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