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Order of page tree in Viewport is different than in Confluence

A wrong page order in Confluence might point to an intermittent Confluence indexing problem.


The order of pages in your Confluence page tree is not correctly reflected in Viewport. All pages are published to Viewport but the pages there might be organized in a completely different order or some select pages might be in the wrong position in the page tree.


If your Viewport site is up to date and still showing the wrong page tree order, it’s likely that it’s caused by a Confluence indexing error, i.e. Confluence is sending Viewport (partially) wrong information about your pages and page order.


Before assuming that this is an intermittent Confluence indexing problem, you should first exclude two other causes. Please ensure the following:

  • Make sure that the page tree view/sorting in Confluence is set to ‘tree’ (not e.g ‘last updated). Click the filter/funnel icon on top of your space’s page tree (next to the ‘Content’ heading), then select ‘Tree’ to ensure that you are comparing the Viewport view against the correct Confluence view.

  • Make sure to update your Viewport site. Click ‘update site’ → ‘go live’ to ensure that the latest changes are reflected in your Viewport site.

Manual reshuffle of pages

If the above is not helping, you can try troubleshooting a potential Confluence indexing problem by shuffling the pages around:

  1. In Confluence, drag and drop the problematic pages out of the page tree or to a different position in the page tree

  2. Drag and drop these pages back to the intended position

  3. Update your Viewport site and go live.

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