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Permission to use the app

The following will explain which users can use Scroll Viewport for Confluence and how this can be configured.

Default Permissions

After installing Scroll Viewport for Confluence, only users that are part of the default group administrators can use the Scroll Viewport functions.

You can extend these default permission by adding a new group: scroll-viewport-admins.

The following table shows all Confluence user groups that have permissions to use the app:

Confluence user group


Confluence administrators

Full control:

  • Create site

  • Manage site

  • Edit theme

  • Generate/update site

  • Access to Viewport space overview

  • Article preview

Members of the group scroll-viewport-admins

Extend Scroll Viewport permissions beyond admins

To extend permission to use the app to users that are not Confluence administrators create a new group with the name scroll-viewport-admins and add users to it:

  1. Go to your Confluence Cloud user groups configuration

  2. Create the user group scroll-viewport-admins

  3. Add the users to the group

All users within the user group scroll-viewport-admins have full control over the Scroll Viewport Cloud app. This means they are able to create a site, edit the theme, update the live site, or add/remove content sources to the site.

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