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Video Tutorials

A video tutorials page collects all your available videos from your help center in one single page.

If you do have a video page, we still recommend adding all the individual videos on the corresponding article pages, so that the videos stay close to the content.

Live Demo

Anatomy of the Page

Confluence’s Smart Links set to ‘embed’ will show videos from video streaming platforms directly on the page.

Why you should use a streaming platform to embed videos

Using an external streaming platform to embed your videos will bring a series of advantages:

  • It will result in lighter help articles as the videos aren’t hosted on the Viewport site. Lighter pages rank higher in search engines

  • They come with fully responsive players

  • They support changing the film quality (thus adapting to the connection quality of the user). Remember, Confluence videos will be offered as a download to users, not stream.

  • Other features, like: continue watching a video while scrolling the content of a page (for YouTube videos)


A three column layout helps create a video gallery.


A subtle line divides the content into different sections.

How To Construct the Page

Learn how to re-create the page using the Confluence editor.

Note: The easiest way to insert editor elements and macros is by typing / followed by the macro name right into the page.

  1. Insert Layouts (/layouts)

  2. Set the layout to Three columns

  3. Paste the video link from your streaming service of choice into one of the columns

  4. Set the link option to Embed. Confluence will transform the Smartlink so that the video shows embedded on the page

  5. Fill the remaining columns with more videos

  6. Add more rows of three columns if needed

  7. Insert Divider (/layouts) between the rows of videos

Make sure that you add descriptive text throughout the page to ensure that the article is accessible and SEO-friendly .

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