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Supported Third-Party Macros

Get an overview of all third-party macros from the Atlassian marketplace that are supported in Scroll Viewport sites.

This list might not be exhaustive and includes only those macros we have tested. Generally, any macro with an working export view that can be exported to e.g. PDF have a good chance of being rendered in Scroll Viewport as well.

Any macro that updates content dynamically in Confluence is rendered static once published in Viewport and it requires a new site generation to update its content.

Third-party Vendors

Please note that the state of support can change if the vendor makes fundamental changes to how they make macro outputs available.

Please note: We can only guarantee support for most of the listed diagram macro as long as the apps continues to make the created diagrams available as image attachments in the Confluence page.



What’s supported?

Seibert Media

Supported macros:

  • Diagram

  • Board

  • Embed Diagram (only works for diagrams from the same Confluence space, not from any other sources)

All of the above macros will render as plain images in Viewport.

Links embedded in Lucidchart diagrams don’t work in Viewport.

Gliffy Diagrams


Supported macros:

  • Gliffy diagram

LaTeX Math

Bolo Atlassian Apps (Appfire)

Supported macros:

  • Math Inline

  • Math Block

  • Unit

Lucidchart Diagrams Connector


Supported macro:

  • Lucidchart Diagram

Links embedded in Lucidchart diagrams don’t work in Viewport.

Open API Documentation for Confluence

O’Hara Group

Supported macro:

  • Open API (Swagger) Documentation

The ‘authorize’ feature doesn’t work in Viewport.

PlantUML Diagrams

Stratus Add-ons

Supported macros:

  • PlantUML Diagrams for Confluence

Handy Macros


Supported macros:

  • Timestamp

  • Button

  • Status

I'm using a third-party macro that isn't included in the list, what can I do?

The Macro I Use Isn’t Supported

Generally speaking, our efforts are primarily focused on supporting Confluence’s out of the box macros. You can find an overview of these macros and features on Supported Macros and Features

We do try to accommodate third-party macros wherever we can but this is not always possible.

Which macros we add support for depends on various factors, including:

  • number of users requesting the integration

  • relevance for the help center use case

  • existing alternatives in Confluence

  • feasibility and effort of the implementation,

  • and if relevant, willingness of the third-party vendor to corporate in the implementation

Please note, for many third-party macros it’s technically not possible to add Viewport support for due to the way they are implemented (e.g. we aren’t authorized to access the data they generate).

We are more than happy to evaluate the specific macro you would like support for and assess the situation. Please reach out to our support team at

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