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Content Source Could Not be Found


When accessing the site details screen for a Viewport site that already has one or more content source(s) added to it, an error message shows up:

Missing content source

Space: $space-name

The app is either missing the right permissions or the content source has been deleted from Confluence. Please check the permissions or remove this content source from your site.

To proceed, you are forced to remove the missing content source(s) from your site.


There are several possible explanations for this error:

  • You have deleted the specific content sources in Confluence (deleted the space or Scroll Document), so it doesn’t exist anymore

  • Scroll Viewport is missing the right permissions to access your space. Learn more about how the app accesses your Confluence spaces.


In order to be able to recover your content source in the site, follow the resolution steps on Unable to Add a Space as a Content Source and Unable to Add a Document as a Content Source.

If you have recently changed your Confluence default permissions (e.g. deleted the default Confluence user group “confluence-users”), then you will need to reach out to Atlassian to fix the issue.

In this case, please raise a ticket via and let them know the following:

You have installed an app called Scroll Viewport which upon installation adds a technical user called ‘Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud” to your instance. After changing the default user access groups, the technical user has disappeared. A re-installation of the app won’t re-install the technical user anymore.

Atlassian should be able to help the technical user grant access again, which will solve the problem.

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