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Changelog is showing wrong change count

A wrong count of changes in the changelog might point to a Confluence indexing problem.


The Viewport changelog is showing changes that don’t exist or that have been pushed live already. Updating your site doesn’t reset the changelog to 0. Instead, a certain number of changes remain in the changelog independent of how many times you update your site or what changes you have actually made to your content.


Viewport relies on the Confluence search index to calculate the number of changes in the changelog. Sometimes, Confluence returns wrong results for the query we make. Triggering a re-indexing of your Confluence can help reset that problem.

A wrong changelog will have no impact on your site, it’s just wrongly displayed information. This means: even if you update your site, you don’t have to worry about pages being modified or deleted in your site if you haven’t actually made those changes in Confluence.


Before assuming that this is a Confluence indexing problem, you should first make sure to update your Viewport site. Click ‘update site’ → ‘go live’ to ensure that the latest changes are reflected in your Viewport site.

If the problem remains after a site update, you can try troubleshooting a potential Confluence indexing problem by making some changes to the content sources and pages contained in your site:

  1. Remove the affected content source(s)

  2. Add the content source(s) again

  3. Update your site and go live

  4. If the changelog continues to be out of sync: Make a change in one of the pages inside one of your affected content sources

  5. Wait 30 minutes and update your site again

If the above has not triggered a reset of the changelog, we recommend reaching out to Atlassian support and directly requesting a re-index of your Confluence.

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