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Define Pinned, News and Call-to-Action Pages

The content of your space can be structured within the theme using page labels.

To display/hide those sections within your theme you need to activate/deactivate them in your theme editor > templates > content source page.

Label Name

What Does it Do?

Which Layout Will be Affected?


A page with this label displays on the Content Source below the banner.

  • scroll-help-center-pinned-page

The first lines of text of the page will show as the description. To customize the text, add an excerpt macro on the page and insert the text there.

To order the pinned pages, append a number as shown below to determine their order:

  • scroll-help-center-pinned-page-1

  • scroll-help-center-pinned-page-2

  • scroll-help-center-pinned-page-3

  • Hero Layout

  • Detail Layout


A page with this label is set as call to action button below the Content Source description.

  • Detail Layout


If you set the label to a page it will be taken as the news source. The first three children are displayed on the Content Source.

  • Hero Layout

  • Detail Layout

Learn more about switching the Content Source layout.

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