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Scroll Viewport Cloud 2021-05-03

We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Viewport 2021-05-03 which is a feature, improvement and bug fix release.

Control Who Visits Your Help Center With Authenticated Access!

With this latest Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud release, you now have the option to set up authenticated access for your help center.

Setting up authenticated site access will allow you to protect your Scroll Viewport help center behind a login and restrict access to the users of your choice.

How It Works

You can choose to protect your help center with access tokens. Once generated, you can share the access tokens with the users who you'd like to grant access to.

  1. Generate up to 20 access tokens to share with the users who need access.

  2. Once authenticated access has been set up, all traffic that comes to your site will be blocked by a branded login page.

  3. Your users will need to input a valid token on the login page to be able to access your site.

Take Control Over Who Accesses Your Help Center

Find out more about how you can manage who visits your help center and restrict access to a select group of users.

→ Learn how to Set Up Authenticated Access

Please note that using access tokens is currently the only way to authenticate your Scroll Viewport site. But third-party integrations are coming soon!

Sign up for future beta tests to shape how authentication could work for your team.
Get involved →

In this release, we’ve also slightly adjusted how content source tiles display on portal pages, extended the language support for syntax highlights in the code snippet macro and fixed a bug which makes the expand macro work more reliably now.

Find all details on the issues linked below.


This release contains the following improvements:

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View these issues in Jira

Bug fixes

This release contains the following bug fixes:

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View these issues in Jira

Check out our public cloud roadmap to see which Scroll Viewport features are coming up next!

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