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Scroll Viewport Cloud 2021-12-20

We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Viewport 2021-12-20 which is a improvement and bug fix release.

In this release we’ve improved the accessibility of panel macros by hiding the panel’s built-in icons (e.g. info icon in info panel) for screen readers and we continue to improve support for the content by label macro.

We’ve also made significant improvements to protect the privacy of your users.


Improved privacy for your site visitors

To respect your users' privacy when using Google Analytics tracking in your site, we now always anonymize the IP of your visitors directly in our code.

If you use Google Tag Manager, we now support their IP anonymization feature. Simply enable the feature inside your Google Tag Manager’s configuration, and all visting IPs will be masked in your Viewport site.

Learn more about Scroll Viewport’s Analytics Integrations. Remember, when using tracking on your site, it’s always a good idea to enable the cookie notice.

With this release, we’ve also added a consent revision mechanism for the cookie notice in the site’s footer:

It’s now easy for your users to change their mind and reset their cookie decision to opt-in or opt-out, even if they’ve visited your site many times before.

Smart filtering of content by label macros

The last release included some improvements to the styling of the content by label macro. This release continues to improve the macro by cleaning up the list of results in your help center.

We now remove any pages from the results that are not part of the current Scroll Viewport site. Pages that lie outside the site’s content sources won’t show up anymore and we will let you know in the preview report, if you end up with completely empty macros on a page.


This release contains the following improvements for:

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View these issues in Jira

Bug fixes

This release contains the following fixes for:

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View these issues in Jira

Check out our public cloud roadmap to see which Scroll Viewport features are coming up next!

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