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Why Do My Videos Not Play or Load in My Viewport Site?

Videos uploaded to a Confluence page via the files/image uploader or drag and drop are not fully supported in Scroll Viewport.

For a fully supported and responsive alternative to the Confluence video player, we recommend to upload the video to Youtube or other platforms and use the Smartlink ‘embed’ option or media widget macro from Confluence to embed the video on your Confluence page.

Advantages of Using an External Streaming Platform

Using an external streaming platform to embed your videos will bring a series of advantages:

  • It will result in lighter help articles as the videos aren’t hosted on the Viewport site. Lighter pages rank higher in search engines

  • They come with fully responsive players

  • They support changing the film quality (thus adapting to the connection quality of the user). Remember, Confluence videos will be offered as a download to users, not stream.

  • Other features, like: continue watching a video while scrolling the content of a page (for YouTube videos)

For a detailed overview of the Confluence editor feature and macros we support, see our list in Supported Macros and Features.

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