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What are Legacy URL formats?

In June 2022, we simplified the default URL format by removing the page-ID reference and the ending .html from all Viewport article URLs.

If your site was generated before June 2022, it might still use URLs in the legacy format for some or all pages. Those sites might contain a mix of simplified and non-simplified URLs.

To find out if your site is on the legacy format, open Site Settings. A short message under URL section of the screen will indicate if the site is using legacy URLs.

What do Legacy URLs look like?

By default, the article segment was put together from a URL-safe version of the Confluence page title and the Confluence page ID (e.g /page-title.12345678.html).

If your site ever used the legacy format, then links in the legacy format will continue to work thanks to redirects set up by Viewport.

To force the new URL format on your pages, make sure that Viewport has view and edit permissions for your pages or set a custom article segment manually.

What do new URLs look like?

The new URL format never includes a page ID or .html ending. By default, the article segment is defined based on the URL safe version of you Confluence page title but can be customized further.

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