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Which Document Versions Should I Add to My Site?

Learn how to select versions for your Viewport site, depending on whether you want to publish just one (latest) version or multiple versions to a site.

To add versions in select document languages, you will first have to set a default language for your site.

If you plan to add multiple versions

We recommend you don't select the working version in your site.

Always use the working version to prepare changes and save a version once complete. Add those snapshot versions instead of your working version to your Viewport site.

If you plan to add only one (latest) version

We recommend you select the working version.

You can still continue to prepare changes in your working version in Confluence. Nothing will go live until you click update site again.

Keep in mind the following:

  • The version name Working version will appear as a segment in all of your site URLs. If you plan to add only the working version to your site, we recommend to change the version segment and display name to Current or any other name that makes sense for you to put visibly in front of your site visitors.

  • Avoid changing the URL segment once your version went live as it will break any previously shared links.

Are you trying to add your versions in more than one language? Find out how to Display Translations in your site.

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